banana baby food purée (no cook)


Banana purée- Stage 1 baby food.
Bananas are a very rich source of potassium, fiber, and vitamins B-6 and C. They are also great for treating diarrhea or constipation. This is the easiest and fastest baby purée you can make! No cooking necessary. So sweet, too!
Use ripe bananas that are yellow with a few spots. Unripe bananas will not be as creamy and sweet as ripe bananas.
1. Wash and peel banana.
2. Dice bananas.
3. Blend with a splash of water, formula, or breastmilk.
Some discoloration may occur, and that’s fine as long as you serve, refrigerate, or freeze right away.
For older babies who are not just starting on solids, you can mash bananas with a fork and serve.
I hope your baby enjoys bananas! A big 👍 to you for feeding your baby a natural whole food!
**bananas are linked to latex allergies, so consult your pediatrician before giving baby bananas if there’s an allergy to latex.
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