Homemade Baby Food Recipes

If you’ve been following my @simplymommyhood Instagram account for a while, you know I started making my son, Manny’s baby food since he started solids at 4 months old. I chose to make all of his meals from the very beginning because it allowed for me to control, and most importantly, know what went into everything he ate.  It was my biggest passion, and although it consumed so much of my already limited free time, I enjoyed doing it and took a great deal of pride in what I was doing for my new baby boy.  I chose to use organic fruits and veggies, and little by little, these organic and simple “stage 1” purees became more elaborate beef, chicken, and bean purees with the most natural ingredients.

All of my homemade baby food recipes will be posted here very soon!

Stage 1 Recipes

green bean baby food purée

pea baby food purée

sweet potato baby food purée

broccoli baby food purée

pear baby food purée

butternut squash baby food purée

peach baby food purée

plum baby food purée

apple baby food purée

banana baby food purée

carrot baby food purée

avocado baby food purée (no cook)

cauliflower baby food purée

blueberry baby food purée

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