crazy oil lady

My oils are my arsenal for every day. I started looking into essential oils when I first had Manny.  I didn’t look into them for aromatherapy, or any of the other calming effects and even health benefits they provide.  I honestly just wanted a more natural home, and started to research ways of keeping my home clean and smelling great without all of the toxic chemicals that come in candles, fragrances, plugins, household cleaners, soaps, detergents, etc.  Like all new moms, I read and read and read about my newborn. I read about how newborns have tiny lungs, developing immune systems, sensitive skin and senses, and how just about everything I was using before could irritate and possibly even harm him.

I found Young Living.  I read about the purity of their essential oils, and how they have their own farms which allows them to control the entire process, from seed to seal.  I learned about how their oils go through a first distillation process, and what makes them top quality, surpassing requirements for organic purity.  They are the ONLY company out there who does! I read about how moms were using Young Living oils on their babies, without the worry of chemicals and toxins, and I was super intrigued!

I took the plunge and ordered my first premium starter kit, and although I didn’t know exactly where I would start, I was so excited! I started by throwing away all plugins, room sprays, and candles that weren’t 100% soy. I used Lavender and Stress Away that first night without telling my hubby (the super skeptic) what it was for.  He slept so well and didn’t believe it could have been because of the oils.  Ever since that first night, we run the diffuser every night so that he sleeps well, as per his request. 🙂  The super skeptic now asks for oils all the time!  Like that, little by little, oils started to become part of our every day at home.  I diffuse Purification and Lemon at night in the kitchen to get rid of the smell of whatever I cooked for dinner.  I diffuse Thieves to boost immunity and keep everyone well.  I have roller bottles and spray bottles with blends for skin issues, headaches, allergies, stress, muscle aches, focus, tummy issues, fevers, immunity, pain relief, and more.

Young Living goes beyond essential oils and offers natural products, so I started to try those out too.  I started with the kids’ line, which I love! Manny uses Young Living’s Kidscents toothpaste, shampoo, body cleanser, and body lotion.  They smell amazing, don’t have any harmful chemicals, fragrances, or toxins, plus they’re infused with essential oils! I couldn’t ask for more! I now use Young Living’s laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwasher powder, household cleaner, lip balm, body wash, body lotion, face moisturizer, hand sanitizer, and more! I also make so many of my own cleaning products (face toner, stain remover, toilet cleaner, room refresh sprays, dryer balls) using my essential oils and simple ingredients like baking soda, witch hazel, and dish soap. My favorite Young Living product is Ningxia Red, a super antioxidant drink.  It’s full of fruits and wolfberry, the most powerful antioxidant food on earth. It supports whole-body wellness, so we drink it every day!

So, although I originally wanted to try essential oils to make my home smell like a spa, I now use them for SO MUCH more! I use them in the car, bathroom, all over my home, in my classroom, on myself and my toddler. There really is an oil for everything, and I love that I can use Young’s Living’s oil as a natural way to keep my family healthy.

If you’ve been thinking about starting to use oils, and you’d like to order your own premium starter kit, click here. Click the Member option, and don’t let that scare you- it just means that you’ll get 24% off of retail price when ordering.  The kit includes 11 oils, a diffuser of your choice, a bunch of samples, support, education, a community in my oil group, and ME to help you with your every oil question!

If you’re not ready to take the plunge with a starter kit, and you’d like to start with just a few oils, let me know, and I can help you.  If you have questions first (like I did!), I LOVE to talk oils, and I’d love to teach or help you!

Yes, I’m a crazy oil lady, and my friends refer to me as their witch doctor, hippie, and family doctor, but it’s because these oils truly are amazing, and I couldn’t live without them now! 🙂




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